My life revolves around tv... especially Person of Interest, Grey's Anatomy, House MD, Parenthood, Big Bang Theory, The Middle, Modern Family, Lost...Just started watching American Horror Story

Of all the bathroom stalls in all of the correctional facilities in the world, he walked into mine.

—Let’s Go to Prison (via foreversnuggles)

Need to watch this


Ok, so these two are too cute for words and I don’t know if I’m missing something but I swear I’ve never heard a ship name for them like “Brangelina” or whatever. 

Sooooo, I have decided to take the liberty of creating a ship name for Dax and Kristen.  Ready? (pause to build tension and anticipation)


I find this especially suitable considering that last pic.

The End.

Cutest couple ever

Fall Out Boy is coming to the Zoo Amp in OKC August 10!!

Ok did not know that Fall Out Boy’s new album had a series of videos that are a mini movie!! I don’t have MTV.